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                                    SCRIPTURE REFERENCE "I JOHN1-5"

For even those who claim to be saved, why isn't everyone preaching, teaching, and praying all the time?  Why do churches continue to grow, but the people are not becoming empowered to go out and be the church to a lost and dying world?  THE ANMWER:  God is in CONTROL!   We can pray, and we can have great ideas about how to get something done, but if is not the Lords specific will for you at anytime, it will not make a difference in that moment.  The key is to obey when He tells us how, when and what to do.

in Old Testament times, while Israel was becoming a growing nation, being tried, tested and purified by God, becoming a people to bear His name, testimony, and Holy word, Gentiles (non- Jewish people) were still out in the world.  Had God forgotten about them - NO!  Were they suppose to be serving God during that time - Yes!  They were being used by God to fill the earth, while God focused on a person, a people, a word, a gift, a talent, and a vessel in which He would work in and  through to glorify Himself.  A people to bear witness of Him.  This has not changed, God does not change, the same methodology is in effect today.

Do we all get called/saved at the same time? - NO!  Did you and your whole group of friends get saved together- NO!  God calls His chosen first, then Hope/salvation is sent to the rest of the world.  Are your prayers then in vain, when you pray for others to be saved - NO!  God leads you to pray, the bible command us to pray without ceasing.  God knows exactly what it takes to help build your prayer life.   He gives you desires, in which He will fulfill in His perfect timing, regardless of how anxious we are to see our desires manifest.  Yes, God answers prayer.  He meets our needs, but our desires, hopes, and dreams need preparation, equipping, purpose, and plans to manifest.  God is not a liar, He knows all.  He can lead you from homelessness, to a homeless ministry, to a ministry in Iraq.  Again the key is obedience.  Listening to and understanding His voice/word when He leads and guides us.  All is for His glory, though you will be fulfilled, its not about you.  He ensures this by making you completely dependent upon Him.  The pressures of life are to teach us to become completely dependent upon Him, and when we seek Him in our times of trouble, He proves Himself to us, causing us to believe in Him.

You can try to make things happen on your own and give birth to Ishmael  then Isaac (symbolizes a story in the Holy Bible.  A battle between our fleshly desire and Gods divine promise "Genesis 15:17").  When we come to the church/come to the Lord,  it isn't by accident, whether broken, lost, or sinful.  Some hear His call and immediately get changed, some get worse, is this by chance? - No!   God knew the outcome.  All must hear the Gospel and have a chance to accept or reject His free gift of salvation, of their own choosing.  It's your freewill, the choice is up to the individual whether they choose to go deeper and seek God, in order to become intimate with Him and have their spiritual eyes opened.   This has been the case since the beginning of time.  Adam and Eve -vs- Gods commands, Israel  -vs- Gods commands, and the church -vs-Gods commands, equals religion - vs- relationship.  

If God had given us a million commands to follow or just one, the people would make a tradition(religion) out of following them, because God engrained within people the desire for worship, with the intention that all would choose of their own freewill to worship God, but people are not informed so they find anything and/or anyone to worship.  God gave us His commands to teach us reverence for Him and love and respect for one another, but the moment we have a chance of convenience to our benefit - we break Gods law and commands when they go against what our human nature would want or think we should have - we push the limit, some even despite the consequences.  Why?  The Holy Bible states, " keeping most of the law of God is not acceptable, to break one is to break them all (10 commandments).  Why therefore do we break God's law?

The answer - Moments of convenience coupled with the lack of understanding the true meaning behind Gods law, breeds disobedience!  The meaning behind all of Gods law is LOVE - "Matthew 22:37 - 40"  A complete love for Him as God, love for ourselves, and love for one another!  From where would we obtain such a love?  The answer is -  from God.  God is Love!  We love Him because He first showed/offered/gave love to us.  We experience His love when we fully trust Him. When we trust in Him and truly let go of ourselves, rest in Him, find our peace and joy within Him, give Him all of our worries, God then proves Himself to us, as being real.  As we continue to grow, mature, and go on living this life, instead of  just existing and the more we trust that God truly cares for and desires the best for us, and when we truly believe He desires us to have good things, as well as an abundant life, we then grow in unity with Him.  When this happens we begin to experience His power, His gifts, His favor, blessings, forgiveness falling into His divine purpose for creation.  Next we can then begin to hear His voice/word with understanding to the point we long to serve/obey Him, because we now love and understand Him.  When we know and feel we are loved by God, we can then take that same love and give it to others.  We must realize that the Holy Bible and the pastors of the church are not just teaching/preaching to make us just feel good about ourselves and/or building up our hopes, but the Holy Bible and the pastors of the church teach us instructions to follow(obey)  - 1st. Love God and 2nd.  Love our neighbor as ourselves.  Do you trust the Lord?  Do you break His commands when convenient?  Remember, Gods word holds no power within you, until you obey/believe/have faith in Him and His living word and when we pray Gods word this becomes our defense against temptation.

So what keeps the people in the church Stagnate (not growing, changing, or maturing)?  The answer - God blesses His children internally with Peace, love, joy, etc, but externally God uses PEOPLE to bless and show His love to others, but if His people/ His chosen people keep the focus on themselves, constantly trying to make it on their own, staying in bondage to the system, slaving over all that God has already promised to them, then who will God use to spread His message of LOVE?  Can God depend upon you?  Will you serve Him?

Where then do we start? - The answer - with our God given gifts, talent, hopes, and dreams!  Without a vision the people will perish, lose hope, get comfortable, scared and settle for less.  The first thing to do is " Write your vision/plan out and make it plain, so that all who read it may understand it  -  (Habakkuk 2:2).   Second, pray it up - ask God for whatsoever you desire.  We have to get rid of the mindset of thinking we can do or make it on our own.  God, our creator, did not create us for such a purpose, but we are allowed to continue to think freely, because God doesn't want robots to worship Him, He desires heart felt truth.  We were created for His pleasure "Revelations 4:11"  This is why He created an entire world.  He is waiting to hear from you - PRAY!  Prayer shows you are trusting Him to provide for you.  Let God prove Himself to you, it all depends upon your readiness - dreams don't typically come true overnight.  GOD must prepare you, build up your faith, make sure you know you can trust him.  He will equip you for situations you will encounter.  He sustains you and prepares you,  so when the opportunities arrives, you'll be ready.  We all think we are ready, but God knows best.  We must submit to His will.  When you submit to His will you'll  then be able to represent God with integrity and truth, being made the righteousness of God in Christ, expanding His kingdom, thus bringing Glory and Honor to His Holy name.  It all begins with FAITH and waiting patiently upon the LORD!  As we submit to His will being done in our lives, He equips you to become His witness in the earth.  The focus is not on you though you will be blessed.  God blesses you as you bless others for Him.  Do not let your own plans get in the way.  The plan and purpose God has for you will bless you and others.   Be a willing vessel, ready to see His will being done before your own.  His wish is "John 3:16".  Is there a love for God so strong inside of you, that you will obey Him no matter the cost?     

Please know any wish, hope, or dream conceived/attained without God, will not bring everlasting enjoyment, peace or satisfaction. You simply will not be fulfilled - ASK SOMEONE!  Be encouraged, we are not perfect.  Remember, we have a freewill, and some choose the wrong path from time to time, but God always makes provision for us.  He provides a way of escape, though we may still have to endure the consequences of our wrong doing, we can rest assured God has not given up on us.  He is giving all of us the opportunity to REPENT (understand we have sinned against Him and turn away from our sin) and ask for His forgiveness, before its too late.  God doesn't have to wait and give you time to repent, He can end it all today, but because He loves us all, He is giving us more time, don't take it for granted - Only God knows when your time is up.  There are no second chances after you leave the Earth.  As we mature from spending time with God, we will sin less and less.  If YOU have been treading the Christian walk of Faith for a while, but you still find yourself repeating the same sins against God, you must examine yourself.  Ask yourself, "How come you do not love God (your Heavenly Father) enough to obey Him?" 

What about those believers who go to church just about all the time, help out from time to time, love to fellowship, they hear the word of God, worship, pray, etc, but they fall short of oneness?  Such people may have given up on their dream and/or their dream came before a full commitment to God and they found themselves settling for less.  They Love God, but their relationship with God is dependent upon a pastor/teacher.  For those who have settled - this is acceptable to God, yet, IT WAS NEVER what God intended, so much is promised to those who fully embrace the Lord.  Nevertheless, because of their refusal to press in for more of God, it is VITAL for them to remain in the church, submitted to church leadership, supporting God's work.  God will continue to use them as He sees fit.  The meek shall inherit the Earth.  It is needed that they remain in church for they may be dull of spiritually hearing and need a Shepard to guide them from the snares of the enemy.  Actually, this has described most believers in the church until now.  Today, more and more people are truly seeking the face of God, wanting to know Him deeply.  Why?  It is time.   These are the times of the end, our Savior will soon be coming for all His chosen ones.  God is pouring out His Spirit even more so to ensure He will find a pure, spirit filled unified body of believers when He comes.  He is raising up visionaries and dreamers.  God is seeking those who will truly press in and seek His kingdom, to prepare a royal priesthood to inherit the Kingdom of God, making way for the new believers that cannot be placed into old wine skins (tradition/normalcy).  You choose, remain the same or become empowered!  You must endure, for the generations of people are growing wicked.

God understands How some may suppose He has hurt them, wronged them, or let them down, due to the actions of people.  Though it is His wish, God does not posses the heart of everyone here on Earth. We must not be misled, remember people have a freewill and the choice to do evil is very much present in the world.  We must forgive and renew our minds with the Holy word of God.  His word is the way, truth, and LIFE!  Those who truly embrace His word and abide in it, you will know them.  Do not therefore be deceived by everyone who says they are followers of Jesus (Christians), when their actions prove otherwise. Nonetheless, don't judge them, teach them.  People simply do not Understand truth, yet still learn to recognize a baby Christian from a mature man or women of God.

Will you choose to let go and come to God, letting Him prove Himself to you? He will!  It's why you were created!  It's also your choice.


You have: total dependence upon the LORD, All of your hopes and dreams are centered on Him.  You have chosen to place His will before your own, even unto death.  You are sold out for Christ, one with God, in total submission to Him and He has set you free!


You have: little hope, little dreams, and you slowly allow God to prove Himself to you.  You are unsure of all the promises of God that are available to you.  Your relationship with God is dependent upon the Church and the Pastor (you feel without the two, you wouldn't know what to do).  You don't feel a need to press in for more of God, your satisfied with just a touch of God.  You claim to trust the Lord, but when issues arise He is the last one you go to. You try to serve God when your not too busy or your friends convince you to, etc....  God has more in store for you - PRESS IN!.....Don't just be a hearer of the word of God - Obey His word!


Do you go to church from time to time, prideful, really doesn't matter whether you serve God or not.  God comes in last place in your life.  You are more concerned about what's happening for you and in the world.  You seek your own pleasures first.  You truly think you are not that bad of a person and God should be pleased with you, but little do you know you are Luke warm in God's sight and God doesn't know you, because you don't spend time with Him.  You sin when it suits you.  You have little reverence for God, except when trouble comes, you expect Him to bail you out, then you go back to being the same old you.  You really aren't trying to change for God, you think , Why should I?  You would rather be independent, get things your own way, instead of waiting upon the Lord.  You really believe you are doing the Lords will, but you really don't understand the Lords will for your life or your purpose in this life.  Your not a real witness of God.  You have no true testimony.  You've made no real sacrifices to get closer to God. The enemy knows your weakness and He plays with you.  You were probably at one time or another on fire for God, but now have backslidden.  God will continue to apply pressure to your life, in order to get your attention, or He will give up on you, because He knows your heart, and how you will never change.  Woe to you if God gives up on you, He will turn you over to evil, and you'll be blinded by the enemy, thinking your relationship with God is ok, when the truth is, YOUR NOT SAVED AT ALL, etc ......  God is waiting upon you!  Start by repenting and obeying His word.


You have never been born again and you fall into two categories:

         THE  DREAMER
which means you go after your dreams on your own and end up empty inside, just existing with no real purpose in life.  God will apply pressure to get your attention or you'll be so engulfed in the wiles of the world (drugs, alcohol, etc) you may eventually cry out to Him before its too late...Seek God first and His righteousness, then all things will be added to you "Matthew 6:25 - 33"

and the 2ND is the NON-DREAMER

Your simple, no real ambitions, what will be will be, never gave a whole lot of thought about God, Jesus, heaven, or Hell.  All you want to do is have a good time, enjoy your life, get a piece of the American dream, and that's it for you.  You want to see your children grow up to be better than you, that's your one other goal besides holding on to a job until, or if you can retire.  Naive!  Your living in a circle.  Your life is the same day after day.  You are deceived - You don't realize, YOUR' RE NOT LIVING AT ALL.  Your gonna wake up one day and see how scared and blind you've been, and regret not doing something out of the ordinary, but even then you may just push the thought to the side, etc.......  God wants you to know He loves you, and in Him is Life, He is the source of Life, He is true joy and happiness.  Don't be afraid, start living, dream again.  Ask God for what you really want, then submit to His timing, and He will order your steps.

With the exception of the first type of believer, what's missing in your life is a understanding of the word LORD, some may understand what savior means, but few understand how God IS LORD!

LORD -  The most common example that can be given is that of a LAND LORD - Most people live in rental properties and they pay rent to the owner of that property, the owner is called the landlord.

Some acknowledge Jesus as the Christ as Lord, because Jesus is the example given by God to all mankind of Him (God) working in and through a human form.  God is our creator and we are His creation.  This is His world we are living in and He has given it to us to use for a time, and He charges us to pay tribute to Him, give Honor to Him, and become one with Him.

To go even further - Your body belongs to God. You are suppose to be His dwelling place while you are here on Earth and God would rule the Earth through you, when you are submitted to Him as He did through Jesus.  God is our ruler, but not as a slavemaster over a slave, but as a God over a KING/QUEEN.  God has allowed you the choice of choosing if you will be ruled by evil or good.  He is the good and the devil is the evil.  The evil, He (GOD) will condemn to HELL!     AMEN!


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