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Ask yourself: Does " True Happiness" really matter? 

Lets explore!

Is true happiness driven by pride or humility?  Is true happiness found in things?  Why do we want?  Is it bad to want?

    It's not that we should lack or go without, for some, it may be what we think it  means, when we get what we think we should have and/or need, or what the people around us may think of us, because we have certain items - even if we are living a lie.  To maintain such a facade, people have been known to go broke, fighting the truth.  Sadly, we've all played the role.  We have convinced ourselves, if only, I had this or that.   if only, I was with someone who looks like,  or if I could just -  "fill in the blank", then everything would be perfect!

The truth is, in such cases we might feel great, for a brief moment, until we are done playing around with it, conquered it, and experienced it, then we find, the one thing we thought we could not do without, didn't quite give us what we thought we were missing.  It didn't make me feel how I had hoped.  You may say, "so what, why not! Why not syke myself out.  Why shouldn't I have!   What else is there?  What's life if it is not love, happiness, places to see, things to enjoy, laughter, living, and dying?  What's the point?" 

if all those things is the point of life, then what keeps us from killing everyone to get what we want?  Why don't we steal everything?  The answer is - there are laws and consequences - right?  So - why work, why go to school, why not play, party, laugh, and have fun all day - because there would be no structure, and if we didn't have law/structure, and "order",  the world would be chaotic, and everyone would be living in fear and/or dying.  Why not just kill ourselves, especially since what's been described so far accounts for at least one half of the people in the world today.

These are all great question.  The answer: though killing yourself is an option, and though killing ones self may be difficult, but not impossible, you are designed with thoughts of self preservation, stemming from the small still voice that's always quietly guiding you, teaching you, keeping you doing what is right,  instead of doing wrong.  Though you may not always listen to the voice, it is always present, waiting on you. You have heard people talk about it before or you may have heard the phrase "something told me to".  There are two sides to the "voice".  One side speaks knowledge of good and the other, speaks knowledge of evil

Some may ask?  Why doesn't the good voice just overpower the evil voice?  The answer is: Freewill, the ability to freely choose.  We've all heard it before, lets give the voices their proper names - the evil voice = the devil and the good voice = GOD- the one and only true GOD!  There is only one GOD and one foe of GOD, constantly trying to take GODS place in your life.  The foe goes by many names satan, Lucifer, demons, Buddha, etc.  Many of men have tried to lead you to the foe, i.e -  Muhammad, Joseph Smith, etc.  Of the two voices, how do you know which to follow?   Which one is the liar?   The answer is always within you, the power is within you.  The evil voice says kill, but the good voice says killing is wrong.  Good says love and evil says hate.  The good voice/GOD set up 10 commandments.  These commandments are all based on love for Him and one another.  On the contrary, you will know those who the voice of evil overpowers, because they will go against Gods commands.  Evil rebels against Gods law and  structure.  Realize, how messed up the world would be if we didn't have LAW.  How do you learn the truth/more goodness?  Renew your mind with more teachings of love and goodness, all of which can be searched out in the "Holy Bible". 

God has given you His Spirit of truth (John 15:26), His Holy Bible (I Timothy 3:16), and His chosen people to bear witness of His continued goodness.  Yet, God desires to teach you Himself ( I John 2:27) !  Learn how to hear the small still voice of God inside of you.  Until you learn how to understand and follow His voice and balance every thought against His ten commandments i.e.  Do not kill,  Do not steal, etc, all else, meaning  t.v. radio, things of the world that are not Godly centered - will kill you (spiritually and eventually physically.).   Worldly things keep you from living a life of purity and open the door for evil and hate.  Be careful of those in your inner circle, the evilness inside of them may be trying to influence you. 

True goodness and peace is within you, as well as, contentment, love, joy, and  strength, etc (Galatians 5:22-33).   All of which must be awakened inside of you.  Acceptance of Jesus the Christ (John 3:15) awakens you to the Truth and life that is within you.  Trusting in Gods word and obeying His word will enable you and empower you to experience everlasting life = true happiness

The key:  The journey of life is one day and one battle at a time.  You are promised victory through God in Christ ( His power).  As with anything, the more experience you have the better you are.  The more you learn of Gods goodness, the better you will be.  As you mature in God - one day you will say, "yes I want, yes I can have,  but it wouldn't make a difference, I am content, because I know my purpose and reason for being created, Amen!"  You'll be able to stand strong against the prejudices and wiles of the world and truly know life (Ephesians 6:11).

Ask yourself - do you really need a new coat, house, car, tv, shoes?  is what you have really that bad?  Will you help someone else who has less?  Should they want more?  Are you greedy/selfish?  Do you feel you deserve better?

God created all mankind equal - in a perfect world everyone should have the best, but the question is, are you looking for things/people to make you happy/ to fulfill you, and are you going in debt because of it.. is the family suffering?  Are you working 3000 hours a weak.  God explains in "Genesis 3:17-19"  working is the curse of sin/evil/disobedience and serving is for those who are blessed to be a blessing.   I'm sure there are a lot of questions that may arise from this statement, see (Galatians 3:13) lets stay focused.  What's being described is called kingdom living or a lack thereof.  This is what this website, the bible, and God is all about.   The bottom line is, if you want, what does the GOOD small still voice say inside of you?  Have you checked the voice against the 10 commandments of God, and if all checks out - may God bless you!   Remember to be a blessing and give God glory.  I caution you don't overdue it, don't lie to yourself.  Will we all get exactly what we want, when we want it, all the time?  Yes, because what it all boils down to is love,  happiness.  God is all of the above and more.  Mathew 6:33 - tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God and as for things, God knows exactly what's needed, when it is needed, and He will supply in His perfect timing.  Luke 11:9 instructs us to ask, seek, knock, and be patient.  It is Gods pleasure to give you whatsoever you ask according to His will.  The deciding factor is complete obedience to the Almighty God, our Creator, and Heavenly Father.  It is Gods pleasure to give you the desires of your heart.  Trust Him, when He gives, you will truly enjoy - His gifts will not cause you to go in debt.  His good gifts are free and exactly what we need.  Ask, seek, listen, trust, and be patient, when nothing seems to be happening, have faith that God is bringing it all together.  Wait until He gives you direction to move.  You will only get frustrated if you try to make things happen on your own, and you'll be expecting Him to fix the mistakes you made, ultimately missing all the promised blessings He has in store for your life.

God must get the glory from all that we have or do and He loves when we acknowledge Him as the source of our life and everything we have in our possession.  God is a rewarder of those who seek him, don't let the evil voice of the enemy trick you again.  In spite of, all you just learned, your finicky feelings will try to make you believe  -  "you don't feel happy",  you don feel healthy, you don't feel loved,  but that is not the truth - remember -  happiness is inside of you, its your state of mind - if you don't feel happy - change your thoughts, it's that simple - sounds to good to be true!  This time it isn't  - Gods Holy Bible says,   "so a person thinks, so shall he be" - the world calls this "the law of attraction".    "The secret"  is the current name for it.  The world hates to give God His glory.  Think good, positive, holy thoughts, and experience the difference it makes all the time, every time.  Renew your mind.

You would imagine, with all the knowledge you've just learned and ready to apply - you should always be happy, feeling great, etc.  Everything should always be perfect right?  In a perfect world yes  - the truth - your not in a perfect world,  your in a spiritual warfare for your soul and mind.  The enemy of yours, the devil will do everything in his power to keep you from living right and doing good.  You have to make a conscious effort every single moment to stay and think positive.  Resist the evil thoughts/the temptation of lust and pride.  God will give you the strength to overcome, and the enemy will flee ( I Peter 5:8 ).  You have the power within you to defeat the enemy,  use it!  Why is the enemy allowed to tempt us with suffering, pain and death, etc.   Those things are a test to determine if you really trust God.  Do you trust Gods word as truth and a guide for your life.  Do you trust the power of God available to you, and do you trust God as the one and only source of your life/the provider for all your needs.   Do you believe you are a child of God!  Do you know and trust, as a child of God you were created to have dominion over the earth and rule over the powers of darkness ( the enemy)?  You were made in image and likeness of God.  The second you begin to doubt this truth the enemy will begin to take over your soul/mind, and if you don't soon recognize his deception and lies by knowing and equipping yourself with the truth of Gods word, the enemy will take you to hell with him.  His (the devil) purpose is to kill and destroy you, he knows his time is running short and he has to get as many souls/minds as he can for the ultimate fight between  good and evil  (see the book revelations)  Please know Good wins!

truth and know you are happy no matter what - that the [email protected]!   PSALMS 23

remember this

I am a child of god
I am blessed and highly favored
I am more that  conqueror in Christ