SUPPORTING SCRIPTURES -  Habakkuk 2:3, Psalm 139, Genesis 1:26, Acts 17:26 - 28, Jeremiah 1:4-5, Ephesians 1:11-12, Matthew 7:11,
James 1:17, Matthew 6:25-33, Deuteronomy 4:29, Psalms 37:4,
Philippians 2:13 

    Revelations 4:11 - Bottom line - The purpose for all creation is to please God our Father and  creator.  No matter how you may feel about God and/or what you may think of Him - You are His creation and He is in control!  Everything and everyone has a special part to play in Gods divine plan.  You already know your part.  God placed His desire for you into all of you (your being), your mind, heart, body, soul, and spirit, all that makes you become you.  To learn more about the plan of life - see the    "KINGDOM DISCUSSION"   tab on our main page, and most importantly- Pray!   What we will discuss now is the process of being equipped and the preparation is takes to see your part played out, until God has finished with you here on Earth.

The KINGDOM UNITED. COM is a formula designed by God, in which we are to all live out.  It is His plan for OUR salvation, forgiveness, love, life in abundance, joy, peace, and all the promises of God.   Kingdom United. COM outlines detailed steps, the journey of our lives from beginning until completion.  For more details about the outline  - see the "KINGDOM STUDIES" tab located on our main page., through this study, the Holy Bible, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit  within you, allows you to embody salvation, submission, gifts and talent (both natural and spiritual), coupled with oneness, discipleship, and the Glory of our Lord!

An important factor that is rarely discussed is  - "What do we do in the times, when we may feel as though NOTHING IS HAPPENING?"  The answer - The truth is, something is always happening, but maybe our part at the time is to be still and trust in the Lord, to seek Him more and more.  It's dangerous when we want things to happen in our own time, outside of Gods will and His perfect timing.  When we are driven by our impulses, we become blinded/distracted by our own needs and our own plan, and if left unchecked, we can open ourselves to a full fledge attack from the enemy (the devil), due to our operating outside of Gods will and disregarding the leading of His Holy Spirit. 

Imagine if Jesus the Christ chose to do His own will, instead of the will of the Holy Heavenly Father.  If such was the case, we would still be separated from God, and doomed to Hell.   Instead Jesus the Christ knew His purpose and He stayed focused on the END thereof (completion of His assignment).     As Jesus experienced suffering and trials, while He waited on His time to be completed here on Earth, He remained obedient to the purpose God planned for His life, by devoting Himself to FASTING AND PRAYER.  "Luke 22:35" - 46 entails when Jesus started to think about His own will being done, He gave a mighty example to us by praying  when he was tempted  to disobey the chosen will that GOD planned for His life.  The lesson taught in Luke 22:35 - 46 is important, because it highlights the need of prayer and how we may at times take for granted God being with us openly for a season, then drawing Himself back from us to test and increase our faith/trust in Him.  The lesson we should learn is "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING", especially when God/The Lord is leading you to pray, because we have no idea of the temptation/circumstances we may soon face, and we will need to be strengthened to obey God during such times.   As we have stored up prayer with the Lord, we are better equipped by the Lord to go through any situation or circumstance by His mercy and grace!   Being led by Gods Holy Spirit is vital.  We must learn how to hear, listen to, and understand the voice of God, in order to know when and when NOT to move.   God has His best planned for you.  When you commit yourself to Him - He will direct your path. 

When God seems quiet, in times of waiting, when trials come, when the Lord leads you to stop, this is not only a time for rest and reflection, but prayer.  To pray that you fall not into temptation, so that your faith in the Lord is strengthened  (James 1:12-27).   If you find that the Lord has been quiet for long periods of time, you must ask yourself - "are you being obedient to all that He has instructed you to do already?"

Remember, as you come into the Kingdom of God, Our Holy Father has a divine plan, hope, vision, and dream for you to complete, that will encompass your entire life.  Also remember it is  Gods desire/dream/hope/plan and vision which is inside of you, for His purpose and not your own.   An important key to remember is - your life plan is not about you, but others, however you will benefit when you fully submit to the Lord.

How do you know when the Lord has said - you've been though enough for a while?  - The Answer -  When we have reached the point in  which we have prayed, prepared, listened, obeyed, researched, been tried, tested and endured.  When we feel as if their is nothing left for us to do in our own strength, all of our resources are exhausted, and your only hope is in the Lord, then the fullness comes " I Peter 5:8-11".  God will lead you and guide you into places you never dreamed about and/or least expected as you continue to submit and trust in God's plan and His willingness to fulfill His plan through you- don't get in His way.

Be encouraged to stay focused,  and Seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness,  then all things will be added to you "Matthew 6:25-33",  and watch your dreams truly come to you.   Keep your Hope alive in Christ!  Write out your plan "Habakkuk 2:2".  Never give up on the hope, vision, and dream God has placed inside of you, only submit to Him - (be a willing vessel) and realize He WILL make everything come to pass as we seek His will, patiently wait upon Him,  follow His lead, and keep the Faith.   It is when we loose faith in Him that He becomes displeased, remember we were created to please Him.  This is the process you can either learn of your own freewill or be taught . 

Please know -  complaining and anxiousness only shows God that YOU don't want to wait upon Him and you really don't believe He will help you.  Don't LIE to yourself or God, though your dreams may be a catalyst for coming to God, it cannot be the reason you stay connected to God.  God requires sincerity - You cannot fool GOD "I Corinthians 3:12".  Dreams coming true is  one of the many benefits of becoming one with God, however GOD is the REWARD!  Rejoice in the Lord!, AMEN!


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